Gaming Desktops

As part of our new “Build it Your Way” initiative. We are revamping our gaming rig line up with new base builds and a new upgrade system, where you will be able to upgrade or downgrade components to suite your needs. Keep checking back each day as we roll out the changes. Please note certain customizations may take longer than others to build so for more information please ring us on 0800 We Reuse (937 3873)

Free 19/20″ monitors are available to add using the “Add a Monitor” upgrade. Shipping is not included and will be added to the total cost.

Some of our Gaming Rigs are on back order but most will be delivered to you within 2-3 days, for those that are, we hope to have them to you within a week. Please check each item before you buy.

Please note that most desktops do not come with Wifi or Bluetooth, if they do, it will be specified on the product specs. We do sell Wifi PCIe cards as an add on, which can be added to most Gaming PCs as an extra.

We also build Custom Gaming PCs if you do not see what you would like here or if you would like to upgrade any parts. Please call us on 0800 93 73873 to discuss this.

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